Being a part of the bond of Alpha Chi Omega is like nothing else. It's about compassion, celebration and friendship. It's also about strength in numbers through the 230,000 real, strong women who stand by your side, cheer you on and lead you to a lifetime of fun, fulfillment, leadership and inspiration. Whether wearing the lyre badge with pride during a ritual ceremony, volunteering at a women’s shelter or networking with sisters across the country to land your dream job, Alpha Chi Omega is a chance to be your authentic self, while surrounded by sisters who are just as unique.


Phi Chapter Sisterhood Events

Sisterhood Events are a time for the members of Phi Chapter to come together, and enjoy the company of their sisters. Whether it's renting out a movie theater, going to a trampoline park, ice skating or going to a baseball game, our members have endless fun while strengthening the bond of sisterhood.